Brighton Engagement photo shoot- Laura & Adam

Its a gorgeous summer morning in Brighton, and this is definitely one of my favourite locations to do an engagement shoot. Full of interesting, rustic, raw areas to use as backdrops and to canvas couples looking for something different in their photographs.

Laura and Adam are just lovely. Really good fun easy going people – and bringing their scale boards with them said it all about them as being out going, and free spirited couple who enjoy life to the full. Cant wait to do their wedding photos.

I just love some of these shots, and what I really love to do is fit the backdrop of an area to the personality of the couple. Its amazing how rustic steel frame work under the peer can be used to frame a beautiful romantic photograph.

I spent a lot of time on the ground getting those scate board shots. And never got run over by them. But, there were a few close shaves.

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